Fast ONLINE Bankruptcy and Divorce

There are three different methods we can help you with if you want to do your divorce or bankruptcy online.

  • 1. We can just point you to the places where you can download the forms you need to file for free and you can give it a shot on your own.
  • California Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California
  • Los Angeles County Divorce & Family Law Forms
  • Orange County Divorce & Family Law Forms
  • 2. Our Paralegal affiliate can email you the forms to fill out and email back to her so that she can make sure everything is filled out correctly and after she makes any corrections - the forms just need to be signed and filed. She may have to speak to you on the phone or thru emails in order to get things right. For a small additional charge - everything will be reviewed by an attorney before the forms are finalized. The paralegal has been working with attorneys long enough to spot when an attorney should advise you. Only attorneys can give legal advice. In most cases the paralegal can manage everything and you may never physically have to come to her office or ours.
  • 3. My office will email you the forms to be filled out and will give you as much assistance and advice as you need. Where there is an emergency or there are significant assets or debts - where there are any serious disputes regarding support custody visitation or division of the community assets - you should not try to go it alone -but you can still save fees and costs by doing a lot of the work online or with the e paralegal. Even if you retain our firm as your attorney - you can still save money by doing some of the work yourself or doing it with the paralegal.
  • In Bankruptcy situations if creditors are foreclosing, levying, garnishing, or sueing - or you are behind on your mortgage or want to protect your assets including retirement benefits - you should not go it alone.
  • 4. You can retain our firm at any stage of the proceedings. If you decide to try to go it alone or work with the paralegal but then decide that you need an attorney to be in court with you or to subpena records of your spouses bank accounts, payroll, IRA 401k, or pension and retirement records, we can do as much or as little of the work for you as you decide. Only the court or an attorney can issue subpenas and paralegals cannot argue or present evidence for you in court. You can bring us in for one hearing, some hearings, or a trial.
  • In order to deal with emergency situations or other reasons to file and complete bankruptcy filings to protect assets or to deal with family law problems like custody, support, or domestic violence, we have the experience and ability to file your bankruptcy or family law matter as fast as you can give us all the information we need to prepare the filing documents.
    • We have state of the art computers, programs, scanners and printers that cut the time and expense of prepaing any legal filing throughout the Southern California Area.
    • Mr. Lytle has done hundreds of bankruptcy and divorce cases and knows what needs to be done immediately.
    • Our staff has been with our office for years and are adept at preparing legal filings quickly. Many filings can be done in a day or two with some details filled in later. Some filings can be done by email or fax, but a messenger can also be used to file quickly
    • We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of clients throughout the Southern California area, and to winning the financial compensation you deserve. We have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to protect your best interests.

    If you or a loved one needs quick access to the courts for any reason, consulting an attorney is critical to protecting your rights and securing the financial well-being of you and your family.

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